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Many love the idea of laying out in the sun as they hear the crashing waves of the surf, and a beach vacation is the perfect place to get away and relax.But the experts at Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Management Squad knows that while traveling, someone might keep their guard down. If not careful, this can present the opportunity for someone to become the victim of a common beach scam.

A person relaxing under the sun, minding their own business on the beach will be confronted by two good looking men or women. These individuals will then offer the person a massager with a good price. Since this sounds like a great way to continue your relaxing day, you may agree to what they say. After laying down and enjoying your massage, they will demand their payment. This is when you give the amount you originally agreed upon, and they will in turn tell you that price was for only one person.

Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Prevention Team shares the price they offer is very good and it sounds like another great way to enjoy you vacation. You will agree and you will turn lie down so they can give you the massage. When the massage is over, they will demand their fee. You will offer them the price that you thought was agreed upon. They will inform you that the price was for one of them. Since two people gave the massage, you have to pay each of them that price.

Although most end up just paying, they end up feeling cheated. The massuesses were not clear about the price in order to get more money from people and scammers use this trick often. The best way to avoid any issues in the future is to make sure to ask questions up front. Things like a required tip or any hidden fees are always a good thing to ask about beforehand. If you are comfortable with their guidelines, lay back and enjoy your day at the beach. If not, politely decline and be glad you found out up front