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Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that its members have multiple social media profiles that they use every single day. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or some of the hundreds of other social media sites on the web, members and guests are constantly connected sharing information about their day and pictures of what they are doing. This is especially true when people go on vacations, as the Grand Solmar Timeshare social media team is well aware of. This is why Grand Solmar has utilized this technology to engage with its members through the hashtag, “#SolmarResorts.” 

 Grand Solmar Timeshare is part of the Solmar Hotels & Resorts, which manages five of the best all-suite vacation properties in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Solmar Hotels & Resorts has a very active social media presence, which has allowed the group to interact with its valued members on several different platforms.  


  1. TheSolmar Hotels & Resorts Facebook Fan Page has a total of over 60,500 followers, who regularly post pictures of themselves having fun and enjoying all of the amenities, food and fun to be had at each of the Solmar properties. The Grand Solmar Timeshare page has over 4,600 followers, a number that is steadily on the rise. When members post their pictures, they hashtag them with “#SolmarResorts,” creating a database for their friends and families to see pictures of their vacations! 



TheSolmar Hotels & Resorts Twitter Page (@solmarresorts) is extremely well-known and popular with 3,784 followers and hundreds of posts with the hashtags “#SolmarResorts” and “#GrandSolmar.” Most of these posts are pictures, which are then reposted with the appropriate attribution on any one of the Solmar social media pages. 


The fastest-growing social media profile that Grand Solmar Timeshare controls is that of @solmarresorts on Instagram. As a picture- and video-based platform, Instagram is the perfect place for the Grand Solmar staff to show off all of the breathtaking views at Grand Solmar, as well as to repost some of their favorite pictures submitted by other users. In fact, there are over 1,200 pictures hashtagged with “#GrandSolmar” on Instagram! 

 Other resorts are quickly following Grand Solmar’s example by setting up social media profiles on these accounts as well, yet they still look to Grand Solmar Timeshare as a pioneer and a shining example of everything that a social media account for a resort should be. For more information about Grand Solmar, visit http://grandsolmarresort.com.