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Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Watch wants to make sure that no one ever falls victim to a travel scam, and that is why they have made the effort to provide information on common scams so that travelers can prepare themselves. One common scam that they would like to warn about is the front desk travel scam.

This scam will most likely happen when you are at your hotel and getting ready to settle in or are already sleeping. Late in the evening or at some point in the night you will get a call. The caller will tell you that they are working at the front desk and that when they came in for the evening shift, they discovered that some of your paperwork had not been completely filled out, and then proceeds to ask you for some of your personal information such as your credit card information. Be aware that the caller in this case is likely a scammer and if they pull it off right, you will willingly give them you information.

The scam artist’s aim is to catch you while you are tired so that you will not pause to give them this information. If this happens to you, Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Watch alerts you to not give you information. Tell them they will come down to the front desk, calling their bluff. Doing this should scare them off and protect you from the scam.