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Grand Solmar Timeshare, a top tier provider of luxury vacation provisions, knows that every traveler deserves to have the trip of their dreams. Many spend the whole year looking forward to their vacation, and nothing is worse than having a trip ruined by one of the typical travel scams. The truth is, any traveler can fall victim to a scam, and the best way to avoid doing so is to be informed. The Grand Solmar Timeshare scams prevention team shares some of the common ones to look out.

1. Bar/Tea Scam: This is something that is often aimed at male travelers. Young, local girls will approach a tourist and after making small talk and gaining their trust, they will invite them to join them at a local bar or coffee shop. Men often get excited at the prospect of having a pretty girls from a foreign country join them, and after offering to buy them a drink, they are in for a surprise when they receive the bill that is usually hundreds of dollars. The local girls have left you will the bill. Even though it’s fun to meet new people while traveling, be careful who you trust.

2.  Motorbike Scam: Another fun way to spend time in a new city is to zoom around, sightseeing on a rented scooter or motorcycle. But the Grand Solmar Timeshare Scams Prevention Team shares something to be wary of when this rental happens. Most of these bikes will come with a lock and two keys, one for you and one for the company. When you park this, the company arrives and takes the scooter back and tries to get you to pay for it. Since you signed the contract, you are obligated to pay. The best way to avoid this is to carry your own lock and key and an old passport to help avoid getting sucked into this scam.